farm Livestock Controller

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The Xfarm is capable of controlling all aspects of the livestock's environment including ventilation, feeding and weighing. With a large display you can see more information at any given time as to what is happening. Each setting screen has help text to assist you in understanding the settings you are entering.

The Xfarm can be configured in numerous ways, depending on the requirements of your building, with the configuration being carried out on the unit itself.

Product Information

The Ventilation section of the Xfarm is capable of controlling

Up to 10 stages of fans, which can be configured in any combination of winter and summer stages, with the option to switch the winter ventilation off when in summer ventilation mode. Together with the capability of controlling some fans on speed control.

Air Inlets
Up to two inlets can be controlled in different modes, for both winter or summer modes:

Natural (floating or proportional) | Pressure | Associative

Up to 3 independent zones of on/off controls

One on/off control, with humidity influence

Capable of monitoring and controlling the humidity levels with one on/off control

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
The Xfarm has the ability to monitor and control the CO2 levels

Ammonia (NH3)
The Xfarm has the ability to monitor and control the NH3 levels

Functions for:

Min. & max. temperature | Min. & max. relative humidity, CO2 & NH3 | Min. & max. pressure

Average Temperature Value
A maximum of 2 temperature probes can be connected to the Xfarm to control the ventilation

The Feeding section of the Xfarm can control the following

The Qfarm contains time clocks for:

Lighting, on/off and 0-10v control | Feeding | Water | 'Free' time clock

Feed Measurement
Can be made in one of three ways:

External Contact

Volumetric - converting the auger run time into feed weight

Silo weighing - Using up to 1 silo

Bird Weighing
Using up to 1 hanging scale

Water Consumption

Low feed stock | Min. & max. feed flow | Min. & max. water flow

The Xfarm also contains the following inbuilt general features

Heating, ventilation, bird weights can be set to run automatically according the age of the livestock

Storage of all relevant information, including temperature, feed and alarms

Large colour graphic display
User-friendly help screens make entering setting simple. Main parameter can be displayed as diagrams

Check control
All working parameters can be easily displayed and checked

All settings can be protected using a password

Wiring and installation
The Xfarm is supplied in an IP54 insulated enclosure. All system extensions are supplied as DIN rail modules. Wiring via standard 3-core cable. Extensions can be installed in main control panel

Software & PC

USB transfer
Archives and settings can be transferred to a USB flash drive for saving to a PC and transferring between Xfarm units

Software upgrade
The Xfarm software can be easily upgraded using a USB flash drive

PC Connection
The Xfarm can be connected to a PC a part of group using the Xfarm Net software

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