The Xcrono is a simple multi-zone contoller suitable for regulating cooling or heating in up to 24 zones. In addition, it can control other components utilising a simple on/off contact, for example, external lighting and irrigation, etc.

Product Information

The Xcrono has up to 24 temperature controlled zones, for heating or cooling. Each zone can have a customised name set

Two pumps or boilers can be assigned - if one of the temperature controlled zones becomes active, it can activate the assigned pump or boiler

There are four base times - each  temperature controlled zone, whether temperature or time controlled, is assigned a base time - this means that if one zone assigned to that base time has its time settings changed, all zones with that base time will change with it

Each zone's control can be altered by use of an external contact, for example, a door switch or a PIR sensor - this conditioning can be used to set the zone to run at a comfort temperature when the room is occupied

Each zone has two working temperature levels, economy and comfort. For maximum energy efficiency, each level can be set individually per zone

The system can protect the building from freezing with an anti-freeze control

Each zone can be allocated up to three operating periods per day during which the comfort temperature is used. These daily periods can be set individually per day, allowing, for example, the weekends to operate at different periods compared to weekdays

Each zone has its own archive which records daily working hours and total running hours, as well as minimum and maximum recorded temperatures achieved

Clear graph displaying readout of the last 48 hours temperature

The system can provide a minimum and maximum temperature warning for each zone  to an external alarm system

Up to 4 zones of irrigation can be controlled, with a main pump control. All zones can start automatically at a set time on a choice of days, for a set duration

Up to 2 zones of lighting can be controlled, with three time periods per day of the week. A "security mode" can be used to override the time control when enabled

Up to 2 zones of shades can be controlled, with three time periods per day. A wind protection mode is also possible, causing the shades to close when a set wind speed is exceeded

Two time controlled outputs are available to control other systems, each with up to three operating periods per day

The control unit has a 4.3 inch colour screen and is extremely user friendly with push button control

The centrally controlled unit has modular interfaces which simplifies wiring

By connecting the Xcrono to your home network, the Xcrono can be controlled even when you are away from home

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