Qfarm - Livestock Controller

computer controller


The Q-Farm livestock controller has the capacity to control ventilation, feeding and weighing , and can be configured in numerous ways, dependent on requirements.

The large backlit touch display screen is extremely user-friendly.  The programming software has a step-by-step procedure with graphics and notes.  The Q-Farm enables the user to fully set and customise the house working configuration.

Product Information

The Qfarm is available in three 'models'

Ventilation & Feeding | Ventilation Only | Feeding Only

The ventilation control section of the Qfarm is capable of controlling not only fans, but inlets and heating as well. The Qfarm can be configured to control

Up to 16 independant and fully adjustable stages

Air Inlets
Controls up to 16 side or ridge inlets. Inlet control can be a combination of:

Pressure | Associative (stage control) | Natural

Up to 16 zones of on/off or 0-10v modulating with one zone of radiant heating

Up to two cooling control outputs (with humidity influence)

The Qfarm is able to monitor and control the humidity level in the building

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
The Qfarm is able to monitor and control the CO2 levels

Ammonia (NH3)
The Qfarm is able to monitor and control the NH3 levels

Functions for:

Min. & max. temperature | Min. & max. humidity, CO2 & NH3 | Min. & max. pressure | Minimum energy consumption and many more

Heat Index
The Qfarm can operate in accordance with the heat index or the relative temperature of the livestock

M3/Hr/Kg Ventilation
The Qfarm can be set up to control the ventilation rates based upon the number of animals and target weight

Average Temperature Value
A maximum of four temperature probes can be connected to measure the indoor ventilation temperature, which together with the heating and inlet probes can create an average temperature value

In addition the Qfarm can control the following feeding parameters:

The Qfarm contains time clocks for:

8x Lighting - on/off or 0-10v control | 1x Feeders | 1x Water | 2x 'Free' Timers

Feed Measurement
Can be made in one of three ways:

By external contact input (using external weighing unit)

Volumetric - converting the auger run time into weight

Silo Weighing - using up to 3 silos

Feeder control
Raising & Lowering of feed lines

Bird Weighing
Using up to two hanging scales for chicken or turkeys

Functions for:

Minimum feed | Min. & max. water | Low stock | Silo hatch | Bird weighing

(all are able to be set as silent or loud alarms)

Animal accountancy
Daily record of livestock mortality

The Qfarm also contains the following inbuilt general functions

Heating, Ventilation, humidity, bird weight, feed dosage requirements can be set to run automatically according to the age of the livestock

Storage of all relevant information, including temperatures, feeding & alarms

Check Control
All working parameters - inputs, outputs, alarms, etc., can be easily displayed and checked using the 'check control' function

Up to two password levels can be set

Wiring and Installation
The Qfarm is supplied in an IP54 insulated enclosure. All system extensions (inputs, relays, etc.) are supplied as DIN modules. Wiring via standard 3-core cable (up to 10M distance). Extensions can be installed in main control panel, thus minimising wiring costs

Software & PC

Software Upgrade
Qfarm software can be easily upgraded using a USB flash drive

PC Connection
Qfarm can be connected to a PC, individually using the "Gt Farm Dialogue" software via a USB cable, or as part of a group of Gt Farms' using "Gt Farm Net" software

The Qfarm Net software is available in two versions:

This software contains only basic viewing functionality and is supplied free when the HLAN interface is purchased

This is an enhanced version of the express software. In addition to allowing you to view the Qfarm from the PC, the Pro version of the software also allows you to change settings, and collect information to view in graphs


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