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Air-Water-Heat exchanger - effective heating without CO2 production

The Climatec Heat-X hot water driven heaters are amongst the most powerful on the market.
When compared with similar devices, these units use 50% of the power consumption for the same heating capacity, requiring approximately 7.6 watts of electrical power per 1000 watts of heat output, with an air flow of 11,500m3/hr.

A major advantage with using hot water driven heat exchangers, when compared to gas heaters, is that they do not burn oxygen or produce CO2 or steam when generating heat in the growing area.

The Heat-X units are available in both vertical and horizontal models, both giving equal radial heat distribution for optimum efficiency. They are available in capacities ranging from 15kW up to 110kW and a wide range of accessories, including suspension kits and connection hoses, are available.

The units are extremely robust, with easy to clean surfaces, manufactured from stainless steel and high grade plastics. In addition, the spacing between the radiator fins allows for easy cleaning with a high pressure jet.

Benefits include:

Universal application

No noxious gases in the growing area

Energy efficient

Dependent on application/demand, low or high air speeds can be targeted

Durable and robust due to high quality components

Easy to clean with high pressure washer

Equal radial heat distribution


Heat-X with side intake

This unit facilitates horizontal circulation of the air. The air is drawn in at the side and distributed throughout the growing area - this method is suitable for long houses, enabling warm air to reach all sections of the growing area.

Climatec - HC42 Four Zone Min/Max Thermostat

Heat-X with top intake

Air is drawn in through the top of the unit and is distributed equally and radially, ensuring a stable environment in different areas. This means that a section of the growing area, where the temperature is lowest can be heated without the need to raise the temperature in the entire growing area, allowing a better and more even distribution of heat. This method is ideal for any size house.

Climatec - HC42 Four Zone Min/Max Thermostat
Cikki Air Heaters
Climatec Systems -Cikki Air Heaters image
Climatec Systems -Cikki Air Heaters image

Benefits include:

Heavy duty, robust & weatherproof unit

Superior combustion = 100% thermal efficiency

80kW (273,000BTU/hr) output

Natural or propane gas option

Low noise, high output fan

Trouble-free ignition

Main features:

With an 80kW output the state of the art burner operates on natural or propane gas

Efficient combustion system ensures energy costs are kept to a minimum - the burner has a special gas deflector and electronic ignition with flame control by ionisation detector

Patented system eliminates the risk of malfunction and give perfect ignition - ensuring reliability and durability

Totally weatherproof unit - the cabinet is manufactured in strong, pre-painted galvanised steel.

Simple maintenance - the unit can be disassembled without disconnecting the wires, with access through side-swinging doors

Low noise, high output fan provides excellent heat distribution and constant airflow

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