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Rudax Lighting – low energy Dairy Lighting solutions

A dedicated lighting solution specifically designed for the dairy sector:

Easy, cost-effective installation with plug & play connection

Reduced energy costs due to high energy efficiency LED’s

Excellent light distribution, reducing light pollution close to zero

High quality materials:  8 year warranty and 50,000 hour lifetime.

HATO’s Rudax is both cost-effective and easy to install with a plug-and-play connection. This lighting fixture features high energy efficiency LED’s that provide a blue light spectrum, increasing milk yields and production performance.

The Rudax also offers excellent light distribution, reducing light pollution close to zero and preventing dark spots and shadows.

Constructed with high-quality materials, this HATO lighting fixture comes with an 8-year warranty and 50,000-hour lifetime, smooth flicker-free light dimming and an IP67 rating.

With low mounting options, cleaning is easier.

They say ‘The right light changes everything’ and HATO lighting does just that.

Climatec Systems - Corax image
Climatec Systems - Corax image

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Dairy Ventilation solutions

Combat heat-stress in your dairy herd with the Multifan range of Basket Fans and Control solutions:

Most powerful air circulation and distribution up to 46.300 m3/hr at 0/Pa

Energy efficient – low energy consumption

Wide range of sizes from 50 – 130 cms

Wide air distribution range up to 142 metres

High efficiency up to 15.7 Watt/1000 m3/hr

Ease of installation and maintenance with 3 year warranty on IP55 motor

Low noise levels, frequency and transformer controllable

Efficiently control fan speed with the Mf-Net control equipment

Gain full control with a speed controller, a thermostat controller or a more complex climate controller

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For advice on energy efficient lighting and ventilation solutions for your dairy farm, contact Climatec’s experienced team:

The STERNA is a one of its kind lighting solutions that has been especially designed for cage systems. Thanks to its coated surfaces, the STERNA will realise higher animal comfort.

To realise optimal poultry vision, well-being, and performance, it is important to provide the correct amount of light at each row of the cage system. The STERNA’s coated surfaces are especially designed to realise this. The STERNA is flicker-free, 0-100% dimmable lighting with a perfect light spectrum to naturally simulate daylight.

All combined, this leads to a decrease in undesirable behaviour such as pecking, and poultry well-being and performance improve significantly.

The STERNA is created for the long term. Thanks to being made of the highest quality materials and its IP67 rating, the STERNA is easy to clean, having an expected average lifetime of 50.000 hours.

Suitable for caged systems.

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