Climatec Systems and ScanAir working together to give a highly efficient Heat Exchanger with lower energy costs

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Benefits & features
CLIMATEC SYSTEMS - Cleaning System icon

Self-cleaning system

CLIMATEC SYSTEMS - Reduced humidity icon

Reduced humidity

Low maintenance

CLIMATEC SYSTEMS - High Efficiency icon

High efficiency, over 80% recovery of heat

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Save up to 70% heating energy

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Available in multiple capacities

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Lower Co2 in the poultry house

Say goodbye to energy waste and uneven temperatures, and embrace a more efficient, comfortable environment for your livestock

Save up to 70% on heating costs

Easy installation

Controllable with climate computer

Completely made of polypropylene (PP)

With horizontally positioned polypropylene pipes

Less dust or pollution

High efficiency

Low Maintenance

Available in multiple capacities

Louvre intake system

Easy access due to cleaning hatches

The Climatec CounterFlow Heat Exchanger utilises warm exhaust air from the poultry house to heat up incoming fresh air.  Through our advanced polypropylene pipe system, the cooler fresh air is passed through without mixing, ensuring maximum efficiency.  This innovative process not only conserves energy, but also promotes a uniform distribution of air throughout the building, as well as creating a cleaner environment with lower CO2.

Less energy usage and consequent lower energy costs are the key advantages of these heat exchangers, which also contribute to a uniform climate with optimal temperature and humidity.  With even distribution of air across the building and minimal draught, the livestock are more evenly distributed.

Powered by high-pressure fans, the Climatec CounterFlow Heat Exchanger efficiently moves both exhaust and intake air through the heat exchanger.  Exhaust air is drawn past the pipes, where heat transfer occurs, before being expelled through the exhaust chimney.  Simultaneously, intake air is pulled through the same pipes, absorbing heat from the exhaust air and is then propelled into the building.

For ease of cleaning during operation, the heat exchanger can be equipped with a spray nozzle system.  These nozzles are intelligently activated in phases, minimising any impact on efficiency while ensuring thorough cleaning of the heat exchanger.

Plastic doors with a rubber airtight sealing mechanism enable access to the control room of the heat exchanger.  This ensures a secure seal to prevent air leaks and maintain the efficiency of the system.

Upgrade your poultry house today with the Climatec CounterFlow Heat Exchanger and experience the difference in performance, efficiency, comfort and costs.

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Climatec Systems - Geardrive Picture
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