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With summer temperatures increasing, the hottest periods of the year can present many challenges to growers and it is vital to protect the birds from excessive heat stress.
Climatec Systems offer a range of solutions to combat over-heating in poultry house applications:
Climatec Systems - Chicken Shed ImageClimatec Systems - Chicken Shed Image

Air Speed

This is the first defence against heat stress and we have a range of fans to suit all requirements.


The Multifan range of fans are high quality and durable, with minimal maintenance, low energy consumption and noise levels and are available for different applications in a range of sizes.

The Galvanised Box Fan provides high air volume and stable pressure; they are easily positioned in walls, giving effective ventilation in large buildings, with an optional cone to increase air output.


High Pressure Cooling System

This highly versatile and effective system lowers the air temperature by up to 8°C.  It works on the principle of evaporative cooling, by pushing droplets of water at high pressure into the poultry house.  We offer the superior VAL-CO PolAIR system which operates at 1000 psi, producing water droplets of around 5 - 10 microns – (compared to other systems with droplets of 250 – 450 microns) the smaller the droplet, the more quickly it can evaporate, thus achieving the desired decrease in temperature and airborne dust, ammonia and pollutants, whilst avoiding wet floors, litter or equipment.

This high pressure cooling system allows cooling anywhere in the poultry house, not just at the tunnel inlet end, and distributes cooling evenly throughout the building. It is also highly effective in naturally-ventilated poultry houses. This versatile system is constructed from 316 grade stainless steel, and includes the unique PolAIR nozzle with anti-drip check valve and nozzle seal.

The PolAIR system is designed as a complete integrated system specified to the exact requirements of your poultry house, which is easily installed with little or no structural modifications. This effective high pressure cooling system is suitable for existing buildings or new build projects.

Climatec Systems - Chicken Shed ImageClimatec Systems - Chicken Shed Image
Climatec Systems - Chicken Shed Image

Evaporative Cooling Pads

These are evaporative pads normally placed at the tunnel inlet end of the poultry house, in front of the air inlets, requiring fans at the opposite end to draw cooler air throughout the building.  A circulation of water by gravity is created in honeycomb panels, made in cellulose or plastic, and the incoming air is cooled and humidified.

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